Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New tree + new decorations = christmas season begins Nov. 1

Yes, it's early but the Christmas season flies by so quick, why not put the decorations up early.

Trick or treating!

October 31 - We headed to town to do some treating and tricking. Taylee was a ghost pirate, Tessa was a mermaid, Logan was a dragon, Tay and I were tired parental units.
First stop was the Great Falls Mall, which proved to be disappointing.
Second stop was a neighborhood on the edge of town for some door-to-door action. Third house in, Logan got "car sick" and got a free ride on dad's shoulders for the remaining three blocks. Judging from the kids' four day sugar high, it ended up being a very successful halloween. PS - I know the taylee photo needs to be flipped but I have not yet figured out that blog layout option... baby steps people, baby steps.

The Vaughn Maize

In early October, we spent an evening at the Maize in Vaughn, MT. From tractor-pulls to the corn boxes (sand boxes minus sand, add corn) there was something for everyone and we had a blast. Of course we tried out the omega maize - half of our party made it through to the end (my five), the other half gave up after the first hour. Taylee loved the maze, Tessa loved the maize until she realized we were lost in the maze, Logan loved the maze only if all 40lbs of his three year-old body was being carried.